JASON BORDEN, Creator & Owner of Going Strong, SFG, FMS, NASM-CPT.

Jason's strength journey began in  Memphis, TN in 2007, when dissatisfaction with his health, physique, and lifestyle which formed them led him to make some major changes.  What began as simple but fundamental adjustments to eating habits, along with living room calisthenics and neighborhood runs, quickly evolved into a passion for discipline and self transformation.  Jason shed fifty pounds of fat, joined a gym, and began his pursuit of strength.

Jason was introduced to kettlebells at the Krav Maga Center of Memphis in 2011, a hard knocks self defense school that could have served as his second home for all the time & sweat he spent upon those mats. It was at that point he realized his passion for teaching and coaching.

Jason certified HKC (Hardstyle Kettlebell Certified) in 2012, National Academy of Sports Medicine Personal Trainer in 2013, Functional Movement Screen in 2013, and finally, following a move to establish himself in Central Florida, StrongFirst Girya (Girya is Russian for Kettlebell) Instructor (SFG-1) in 2015. Jason is the owner & creator of Going Strong, offering personal training services utilizing kettlebells, barbells, and bodyweight in the north Orlando metro area to help people become lean and strong.


JESS MATHER, Creator & Owner of The FemPro, Coach at Going Strong, ACE-CPT, LPTA.

Jess Mather is the adjunct coach on the GoingStrong team, a fitness & rehab professional with nearly seven years of experience in the field. Originally from southern Maine, Jess latched onto fitness as her “moving meditation”. As she evolved in her fitness journey, she fell in love with the strength, empowerment, & focus that weight lifting provided her.

Jess is now a passionate powerhouse for helping individuals find their strength & fall in love with the process of bettering themselves. In addition, she loves to bridge the gap between strength training and rehab, which opens up new opportunities for virtually any population. This also affords a novel appreciation for the body’s incredible ability to heal, progress, and move.


CHAD ELRIDGE, Creator & Owner of The Movement Mechanic, Coach at Going Strong, DC, FRCms, CFSC.

Dr. Chad Eldridge, DC, FRCms, CFSC is the owner and physician of The Movement Mechanic, located in Winter Park, FL. In his practice he focused on developing quality movement and strength to aide in treatment of ailments and to increase performance in life and in sport.  Outside the office Dr. Eldridge is also a certified Animal Flow and Student Foundation Training instructor holding classes and workshops throughout Florida. Dr. Eldridge has worked with a wide variety of individuals ranging from professional athletes to the individuals that just want be able to take part in the activities they enjoy. His main goal is to educate and empower individuals so that they can take control of their health and continue to move and have fun.


JANET WENGER, Creator & Owner of Janet Wenger Yoga, Coach at Going Strong, RYT.

Janet is a Yoga Alliance registered teacher, and finished Levels 1, 2, 3, and Senior Yoga teacher training with YogaFit. She continued on to complete her 200 hour Hatha teacher training. Janet is also a Stand Up Paddleboard certified guide and yoga therapy teacher. She holds a certificate in Nutrition from Sanoviv Medical Institute, and is also certified as a Personalized Metabolic Typing practitioner. These skills enhance her ability to contribute to her clients as they progress on their path to a long and healthy life.


Peter Nieman, Coach at Fitranx Port Orange, Coach at Going Strong, NASM PT.

Peter has been a personal trainer for 8 years with a goal to instruct kettlebell, barbell, and bodyweight movements to help others attain strength, efficiency, and progress in those areas. Peter strives to keep his clients moving and independent throughout all their years.

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